I’m Retired

I’m Retired

SASMI…There for You Later

Although most members know SASMI for its assistance during their careers, SASMI is also “there for you later” — as in, during your retirement.

The SASMI benefits you may be eligible to receive in retirement depend on when you worked in the industry and when you retired.

  • HCRA (or HCRA B) – You’re eligible if you worked after 2010 and then retired.
  • Service-Based HCRA (previously called the retiree health premium benefit) – You may also be eligible for this benefit. If you retired after 2010, this amount was combined with the HCRA amount. If you retired prior to 2010, you may have a retiree health premium benefit remaining.
  • Severance Benefit – If you worked prior to 2010 and retired after 2010, you may be eligible for a severance benefit.

Initial Eligibility

SASMI retiree benefits are available to members who are eligible for a pension from the Sheet Metal Workers’ National Pension Plan or another SMART Local Union defined benefit pension plan (including a defined contribution plan) and who are not current employees with a sheet metal industry employer. If you stop working in covered employment before retirement, you may also be eligible for a benefit if you leave active employment but before you are eligible to receive a pension. For details, see the Plan Document.

Note that there are additional eligibility rules for each specific benefit.