I Want Additional Health and Wellness Benefits

I Want Additional Health and Wellness Benefits

Maternity Benefit

If you are unable to work because you are pregnant or on maternity leave, you may be eligible to receive a weekly SASMI Maternity Benefit for up to 12 weeks per pregnancy. The benefit is 60% of your average hourly wage multiplied by your regular work hours.


If your hourly wage is $30, 60% would be $18. If your regular work week hours are 40 (as defined in your collective bargaining agreement), your weekly benefit would be $720 (18 x 40).

The maternity benefit can begin as early as four weeks before your expected delivery date. In certain circumstances, you may be eligible for the benefit to begin earlier, if your inability to work is certified by a licensed obstetrician.

The time you’re receiving maternity benefits will be considered working 60% of a regular work week for the purposes of determining your eligibility for Supplemental Unemployment or Underemployment benefits.

To apply for maternity benefits, log into the member portal here. You must file your application no later than 12 weeks after the birth of your child/end of the pregnancy to claim benefits.

Benevolent Relief

In times of extraordinary circumstances, such as floods, hurricanes and other natural disasters, the SASMI Board of Trustees has authorized “Benevolent Relief” to aid SASMI participants. Recently the Trustees authorized payments for participants who were unemployed due to the Covid-19 pandemic.