Which Local is Benefitting the Most?

SASMI wants to ensure all members keep a close eye on their health and fitness. That’s why we offer the Annual Physical Benefit—a benefit designed to encourage members to get their yearly check-ups. If you’re eligible, you could receive $200 for your own physical exam, and $100 for covered family members (up to a $600 maximum per calendar year).

Local vs. Local

Is your local the healthiest of them all? We’re starting a little friendly competition in 2024. Although Local 265 is currently in the lead with 28% of participants applying for the benefit, don’t count your Local out. We’ll be tracking throughout the year, so get your physical, claim your reimbursement, and help your local win the honor of “Healthiest Local” by the end of 2024.

Bar graph of each local's percentage of participation. Local 265: 28%; Local 12: 25%; Local 36:20%; Local 17: 19%; Local 18: 19%; Local 7: 17%; Local 83: 16%; Local 25: 15%; Local 40: 13%; Local 28: 12%