COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions

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Who is eligible?
The Employee is eligible for this benefit if they are eligible for benefits under Article II and have not lost eligibility under Article II and does not terminate participation nor lose qualification for Benefits under Article X at any time during such Stabilization Period or before receipt of payment. The 18-month rule and four (4) Stabilization Period Rules in Article II section 7 apply to this benefit.
How do I apply?
Application can ONLY be made online. If you have not already done so, you will have to register for access to the SASMI Member Portal. Once logged in you will find a link to the application.
Will I receive a benefit if I apply?
Applicant information will require verbal confirmation from both your Local Union and Employer. Applications will only be approved based on these verifications.
My employer paid me even though I was not working. Can I still receive this benefit?
Maybe. To be eligible you must have NOT been compensated by an Employer for a period of 40 consecutive hours in any one(1) month (March, April, May and June).
For Example: If you are displaced due to COVID-19 on March 15 and your Employer compensates you for two (2) weeks (March 15-30) you would NOT be eligible. If the employer does not compensate you in April, and you miss 40 hours of compensation in the month of April, you would be eligible.
Why do I need to apply online?
The SASMI administrative office as well as some Local Union offices are partially shut down. Access to some daily functions such as mail is not in all cases fully available.
Is the Portal and Application Secure?
Yes. The application meets federally regulated HIPAA qualifications.
Why do I have to supply banking information?
This is due to our inability to print physical checks until at least mid-April 2020. This process will expedite your payment and will probably become a standard for all benefits in the near future.
Will receiving this benefit change my ability to receive other benefits?
In most cases the answer is no however, this benefit will be used to calculate the provisions under the 200% rule.
Can I apply for this benefit more than once?
Yes. The Plan will allow for application of this benefit in March, April May and June 2020. *Individual application will have to be made for each moth.
Are my answers confidential and private?
Yes. SASMI will not release specifics on your personal health or responses give on the application. We will however have to identify that you did in fact apply because your approval will be based on verbal confirmation from your Local Union and or Employer.